Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Induction date is set

No progress yet again at this mornings appointment, wish I could say that I was surprised....

If Connor doesn't come out on his own by Tuesday morning we are scheduled to start the induction that night at 7pm. The last week of January is going to be crazy in my family! Anthony's birthday is the 25th, my brother Johns is the 28th and my moms is the 29th. Connor's will be right in there with them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why hello DUE DATE!

Well, no baby... I know that many first time pregnancies go past their due date but I am still so incredibly disappointed that Connor isn't here yet! Last weeks appointment showed no progress, so I go back tomorrow morning. If there is no progress again we will be scheduling my induction, which at this point I am fine with. I'm pretty much convinced that Connor has built a second addition onto his house in my uterus and has no plans of coming out anytime soon!

I was bored and restless tonight after Anthony fell asleep on the couch.... So I made sugar cookies! How cute are the cupcake shapes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost 39 week post

I'm still here....with baby in belly unfortunately. My appointment last week didn't show much progress so here's to hoping that next Friday's appointment goes better. Actually, lets all keep our fingers crossed that I have the baby before my next appointment, that would be MUCH better.
I have had a great pregnancy. I really have no complaints. Of course there was a bit of morning sickness and food aversion and the minor aches and pains but overall it was completely textbook. My doctor even commented on how great I looked last week. Because of this I tried not to complain too much. That all ends now...... I AM IN PAIN, I'M UNCOMFORTABLE, I ACHE...ROLLING OVER IN BED IS A PROCESS THAT NOW HAS SEVERAL STEPS (INCLUDING A REST HALFWAY THROUGH ON MY BACK)... I'M SO SICK OF THESE "CRAMPS" THAT DON'T RESULT IN CONTRACTIONS, I HAVE SOMEHOW MANAGED TO BRUISE OR HURT MY RIGHT RIBS WHILE I HAD BRONCHITIS SO ADD THAT PAIN TO THE LIST.... not to mention the ridiculous noises I make when attempting to stand up, roll over or just move.
We are so incredibly ready for Connor to get here. Everything is put together the pack and play, swing, and bouncer are sitting here empty just staring me in the face. Except for the shelves (stupid Ikea has been out of them for over a month now) the nursery is complete. The carseat is installed and we have the stroller all ready to go.
So our life the past week or so has pretty much consisted of us sitting here staring at my belly just waiting for something to happen. Sounds boring right.
Here are some fun pictures for the week. My 38 week picture which we took the other night on our last official date night, a few pictures of my AWESOME custom baby book which I am planning on writing another post about, some adorable cowboy boots I found for him, and our car seat hooked onto our stroller. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

fingers are crossed.....

We have a doctors appointment late tomorrow afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for progress!