Friday, October 8, 2010

GAP casting call!

The time has come, we need your votes! Lord knows the gap card would come in handy since 99.99% of this kids wardrobe is Gap!

Picture 5
We would really appreciate all the votes! You can vote multiple times for different pictures and the contest goes on until December!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a big boy!

Connor is now officially out of his infant car seat! He is a chubby monkey and at just 6 1/2 months he is weighing in around 21-22lbs and has reached the weight limit for his beloved Maxi-Cosi seat.
I'm pretty sure he likes being able to move around a bit more in this seat, but overall...HE HATES IT. He used to just hang out in his car seat, take naps, play with sophie, etc. Now 90% of the time in the car is spent crying. This seat does not have nearly as much head support as his old seat and I'm pretty sure its killing his neck when he takes naps in it now. I have bought and returned 2 neck supports from BRU so far with no luck. I'm thinking another new car seat is in our very near future.

We just returned home this morning from our 4 day vacation to Omaha. I will have new photos up from our trip within the next few days.

Connor is totally monkey crawling already! I doubt that's the actual term for it but he moves his legs like crazy but his arms just don't get the hang of it so he kind of leaps forward. Its also time to lower his crib down, he has recently learned how to pull himself up to a standing position.!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steak and potatoes

Connor now has TWO teeth! He sure is in a rush to get all these teeth in, guess he is excited to eat real food!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Connor hasn't really had a strong attachment to any comfort items, besides his teething giraffe Sophie. He loves Sophie and she goes everywhere with us for him to gnaw on and play with, but he doesn't really fuss if she isn't around.
This all changed last week. After we got home from our trip to Utah to see grandma there was a box waiting for us from my cousins Monica and Julie and my Aunt Susan. Inside was a cute onesie and an adorable soft blanket with Connor's name embroidered on the bottom of it.
Now every night and during nap time he fusses until I cover him up with it. He loves to rub it against his cheeks, which is just too cute!
I was nervous at first to put him in his crib with a blanket, but I figure if he can roll over both ways, sit up on his own and get up on his hands and knee's he is big enough to move the blanket if it covers his face.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 1/2 months....already

I can't believe that Connor will be 6 months in under 2 weeks! Still blows my mind how fast time is flying by, before I know it he will be walking and doing his own thing!
Its been far too long since I have updated this thing so Ill start with things Connor now does:

1: Rolls over both ways (has since he was a few days shy of 4 months)
2: Feeds himself his bottle
3: Sits up on his own for longer than a minute without tipping over
4: Holds/plays and occasionally drinks from a sippy cup
5: Eats oatmeal and veggies (fruit will start soon)
6: Gets up on his knees and scoots backwards. Forward momentum will come some day!
7: His first tooth is all the way out and a second one is just days from breaking through the gums.
8: Giggles. This is my favorite. He loves having his sides and ribs tickled and just yesterday he giggled for the first time just because he thought the dog was funny. No tickling or anything required!
9. He has the pincer grab mastered and has no issues picking anything up with his thumb and forefinger.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure I'm missing some things...He is right around 19 pounds and 27inches. BIG BOY! He was around the 74% for weight and 78% for height at his last doctors appointment. His 3-6 month clothes are starting to make their way into storage as its becoming increasingly difficult to get them on him.

Connor and I took a road trip this past week to visit my mom and grandparents up in Utah. It was a LONG drive and if I'm being honest I wanted to pull my hair out by the end of it. It was awesome seeing my mom and grandparents but 20 hours total of driving time is just too much for me to do by myself with a 5 month old baby. We are home now and Connor is getting used to sleeping in his crib again instead of snuggling in bed with mom. He much prefers cuddling.

Monday, May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday, Week 1

I wish I could say this week was a bigger success. I lost 2 pounds so its not a complete failure, but I was REALLY hoping to lose more than that. The beginning of the week I did really well eating wise. I pretty much lived off of our standard Chicken, green beans and asparagus dinner. We fear change and eat this meal at least 4 nights a week... And then the weekend and Mothers Day came. Guess I picked a bad week to start this process. I cant tell you how many bananas, pineapple, and strawberries I ate that were dipped in yummy yummy chocolate and then Sunday morning Anthony made us a breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, mimosas and pancakes with homemade syrup. Totally low cal right?... right? This was very unusual for us since we don't usually eat breakfast let alone bacon and pancakes and the chocolate dipped stuff is never kept in our house. I guess I should be thrilled to have lost any weight at all after stuffing my face all weekend.
I need new tennis shoes, BAD. I went to the lake by our house and walked 3 times this week and did a total of around 7 miles, a decent start. My feet were KILLING me after each walk, like really really hurting. My old Nike's just aren't cutting it anymore. So I'm on the search for new shoes. I bought a pair of New Balance yesterday but decided I hated them after getting home and returned them this afternoon.
I'll be heading to Vegas this Friday to Monday so it's not going to be an easy week but I'm hoping to keep on track.

Total weight lost: 2lbs

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day, a first

Today was my very first Mothers Day and I have to say that I loved every single second of it. Each day I am amazed at how much love I have for this little guy. There are days when I feel like I just cant hold him close enough to me and I long for him to be back in my belly where just he and I had a special little bond.

Yesterday I had a surprise delivered. Connor had managed to get on the computer and order his mom Edible Arrangements. I have always wanted one of these so I was super excited for it. I was miserable by the end of the night from stuffing my face full of strawberries, pineapple, and bananas dipped in chocolate as well as cantaloupe and honeydew melon.
This morning Anthony got up with the baby and let me sleep in. When I came downstairs I was greeted with Mimosas and a incredibly yummy breakfast he did all on his own. He only had to ask me one question the entire time he was cooking, which is quite impressive.

And if that wasn't a good enough Mothers Day, Connor decided to roll over! I was SO damn excited for this. He rolled from his back onto his belly, and then over onto his back again. We were able to get him to do it a few times and even caught one roll on camera. What an awesome gift!

I cant wait for all of the future Mothers Days to come.