Thursday, December 31, 2009

37 week picture

This picture was taken last night before we went on our tour of the Labor & Delivery unit at our hospital. I said in the last post that I didn't think my belly had grown, I'm still not sure that it has grown but it is certainly a bit more "pointy". I love this gap sweater, I wish I would have ordered it in non maternity for next year as well!

The tour went awesome! Was a scary reality check as well looking at the bed and all the equipment and realizing that any day now I will be laying there! Our hospital is strictly a women and newborn hospital, which I love since there will be no sick or crazy people walking around! It also has the highest rated and largest NICU on the west coast. They even put "baby LoJack" monitors on the babies ankles that have alarms that sound if the baby is taken near a staircase or elevator. Scary to think that it is needed, but better safe than sorry.

No big New Years plans for us since Anthony works tonight. We are planning on having a date night this Saturday since this will more than likely be our last opportunity to go on one. I am so looking forward to yummy dinner.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

......I'm baaaack

Holy cow I haven't blogged in forever! My poor poor blog has been so mistreated ;-(

So lets get caught up:

1: This picture was taken at 35 weeks. I don't feel like I have grown all the much in the past 2 weeks, especially since Connor has dropped a bit lower. I will post an updated picture in the next few days though so we can compare! I now laugh when I look back on my 17 week picture when I thought I was SOOOO big! Please....
2: This is the "accent" wall in Connor's nursery. Anthony worked very hard on these stripes and did a pretty amazing job! They match the colors in the bedding that we are using and the curtains. I'll be posting more pictures of the nursery tonight or tomorrow. The crib and changing table are in there and put together, we just have to get some of the boxes out of the room so it looks better :-)

3: Christmas Eve was AWESOME! We had such a great Christmas! Anthony had to work on Christmas day so we celebrated the night before. I baked a ham and made the best mashed potatoes ever along with green bean cass and whiskey glazed carrots. It was an awesome meal to enjoy with a few friends over. After dinner Anthony, Taz and I drove around Christmas light looking then came home and opened our gifts. My parents got us a Flip Video Camera that we were really wanting before Connor gets here so we can get all those cute moments on video and post them to an email or this blog. I love the camera so far and am still learning how to use it. Anthony got me a Sony Reader which has already come in handy between my long day in the ER to sitting in the waiting room at my doctors. It was an awesome Christmas and so crazy to think that next year all those gifts under our tree with be for a tiny little boy.

4: Anthony tried out for (and made) the SRT team on base. SRT is the Special Reaction Team which is basically the military version of a SWAT team. He is really excited about this and should be making the transition over to this unit right around the time that Connor is born. We will still be at the same base so there really wont be any major changes. His schedule will be changing though. Instead of working 15 days a month like he does now he will work Mon-Fri and will be home around dinner time every night. Of course this doesn't include training days which will be longer (and some weekends) and because of the job he will be on call all of the time. Its a great opportunity and will look really good on his resume for when he starts submitting applications for police departments.

5: I have been sick as a dog! I have had a persistent cough that I feel like I picked up as soon as I became pregnant and it has just gotten worse and worse. It was to the point last week that I was barely getting 2 hours of sleep a night from coughing so much and it was causing me to throw up several times a day. Christmas day I finally gave in and went to the ER. After 5 hours at ER and then Labor and Delivery it was determined that I have a severe case of Bronchitis. They gave me 2 inhalers and a cough syrup with codeine in it to help me sleep. I still have a cough, but feel 1000X better than I did a week ago. I'm hoping that within the next week the cough is completely gone.

6: We are pretty much ready for this little guy to get here. We have taken our breastfeeding class as well as our hands on baby care basics class. We are also planning on taking a baby and dog class as soon as a spot opens up. That one is hard to get into since there are only 8 spots and they only hold it once a month. We stopped by the fire station last night and had our car seat installed and had a little "class" about the safety features and everything for it. I was really happy that we decided to do this since they say that 85% of people install the car seat incorrectly. My hospital bag is about 1/2 way packed, but the other half will be done as we walk out the door on our way there.

7: I had my 37 week appointment this morning and am 1cm dilated and not completely "thinned out".

Friday, December 4, 2009

33W Growth Ultrasound

My Dr. scheduled us for an ultrasound this afternoon since I have been measuring ahead the last few appointments. So for the past few weeks we have been thinking we are going to have a large baby boy. WRONG! Connor is measuring right on track in the 55th percentile and weighing in at 4.5 pounds! I completely forgot to ask how long he is measuring. He also has hair on his head! I was completely bald at birth (and for a while after), but Anthony had hair. He claims it was the first and only time in his life he had a full head of hair. We pray that Connor gets the LeFevre/Schrader hair so he doesn't start balding at 17!

Below I have posted a few pictures from today and also put little arrows pointing to what things are since I know that it can be very difficult to tell at times. Look at those chubby cheeks!

We are scheduled for our breast feeding class, newborn/infant care class and hospital tour all within the next 3 weeks. I was also told that I should not be traveling more than an hour or so away from my hospital once I hit the 36 week mark. Thats only 2 weeks away!

My pack and play arrived this afternoon in the mail. So now I am waiting on the delivery guy to drop off my Moby Wrap and the car seat and we will be set to go! We are planning on going and picking out paint this weekend and getting started on painting the nursery and putting everything together.

Ill also be posting pictures of the new house once we settled in and have the christmas tree up!