Monday, May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday, Week 1

I wish I could say this week was a bigger success. I lost 2 pounds so its not a complete failure, but I was REALLY hoping to lose more than that. The beginning of the week I did really well eating wise. I pretty much lived off of our standard Chicken, green beans and asparagus dinner. We fear change and eat this meal at least 4 nights a week... And then the weekend and Mothers Day came. Guess I picked a bad week to start this process. I cant tell you how many bananas, pineapple, and strawberries I ate that were dipped in yummy yummy chocolate and then Sunday morning Anthony made us a breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, mimosas and pancakes with homemade syrup. Totally low cal right?... right? This was very unusual for us since we don't usually eat breakfast let alone bacon and pancakes and the chocolate dipped stuff is never kept in our house. I guess I should be thrilled to have lost any weight at all after stuffing my face all weekend.
I need new tennis shoes, BAD. I went to the lake by our house and walked 3 times this week and did a total of around 7 miles, a decent start. My feet were KILLING me after each walk, like really really hurting. My old Nike's just aren't cutting it anymore. So I'm on the search for new shoes. I bought a pair of New Balance yesterday but decided I hated them after getting home and returned them this afternoon.
I'll be heading to Vegas this Friday to Monday so it's not going to be an easy week but I'm hoping to keep on track.

Total weight lost: 2lbs

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