Friday, May 7, 2010

these are a few of his favorite things

Connor is rather simple to please when it comes to toys. The majority of toys purchased by us naive first time parents are pretty useless. Hopefully our next child is as easy to please, but I'm sure she (yep I'm determined it will be a girl) will take after me and have to have everything imaginable.
So here are Connor's top 3 favorite things that make him smile, squeal, drool and just in general be the cutest damn baby on the planet.

1) Plastic Keys. Of course he picks the absolute cheapest thing he has and decides that he will be best friends with it. He LOVES these keys. He shoves them in his mouth and drools all over as you can see in the picture below. He throws them as hard as he can across the couch and squeals with delight. He naps in his swing or on the couch while tightly holding onto his precious precious keys.

2) Baby Einstein Exersaucer. This is a rather new favorite as I just put it together 2 weeks ago. Once he discovered he could press the buttons and it makes animal noises his world was complete. He will press the same button over and over again and just stare at it smiling while a big string of drool hangs out of his mouth. Notice that drool is a trend in this post? I have no idea how he even produces so much drool. He's learned how to play with a few other things on the exersaucer but the buttons are by far the favorite.

3) Sophie the Giraffe. I was hesitant to buy this product....really really hesitant. Not because of choking hazards or any other safety concerns. Oh no, my concern was the fact that it cost $22 and is in all honestly a glorified dog toy. She's made of rubber and squeaks when you squeeze her- dog toy right? I looked on Amazon and it got amazing reviews and some of the ladies on swore by it so one day while in Nordstrom's I noticed that they had them and took the leap and bought it. My son makes out with the giraffe. Really, he goes to town and shoves her nose and face as far as he can get it in his mouth. He likes her legs every once in a while, but the face is what he's after.
Taz can be found within 2 feet of Connor whenever he has Sophie out to play. He just doesn't understand why Connor gets dog toys and he doesn't.

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