Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lord help me.

I thought I was lucky... I had been rubbing it in other moms faces and basically gloating that my precious little boy had been very kind to mommy and hasn't made me suffer through an infamous "blow out".
I had nightmares of waking up to a baby covered in poop from head to toe while I was pregnant and was fully prepared for the worst. I had even convinced my husband that it was inevitable and we would be dealing with it quite often.
Naive little me thought that this kind of thing only happened with newborns so I was totally in the clear. WRONG.
Connor had been having tummy issues the past 2 days so I was quite surprised when we were cuddling on the couch this morning after breakfast and we was the happiest baby ever. I soon found out why. I picked him up and thought "hmm thats odd, my hands feel damp". Yep, poop all over his legs and up his back was starting to seep through his jammies.

I may or may not have gagged the entire time I was changing him. But on the plus side, I have my happy baby back!

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