Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet little things...

I've picked up a new hobby in the past 6 months and if you cant tell by the pictures that hobby is....BAKING.

I became really interested in cooking after I moved to CA 2 1/2 years ago but baking always scared me. Not the Betty Crocker type of baking, but the make your dough from scratch and cover everything in ganache type of baking. I've found that I really enjoy it though and am actually quite good at it.

If you look at the history on my computer it will be littered with several daily visits to The Pioneer Woman, Bakerella, Tartelette, and Sweet Designs. These women have talent beyond belief.

So usually once I week I find something ridiculously unhealthy to make and whip it up around 9pm after Connor goes to bed. This past week I made homemade brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough (also made from scratch) chunks in it and covered the thing with ganache. It was to die for. I pulled 4 to the side (2 for me 2 for Anthony) and quickly packaged up the rest of the batch for Anthony to take to work.
I justify it by convincing myself I'm doing something really nice for the young guys. I mean they live in a barracks room with a toaster oven and haven't had anything homemade in months. So really I'm doing it for them.....yup.

I think I'm going to look into cake decorating/baking classes at the local community college. I would really enjoy that, plus it gets me out of the house without the baby and it gives me a chance to meet other people!

Meeting new people and keeping my sanity are always a plus in my book.

(the picture below is apple pie on a stick. too freaking cute right?)

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