Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hoping for a midwest way of life

When Anthony and I first got married he had made it very clear that he wasn't ready to get out of the military. This was ok with me as it is a stable job, we are guaranteed a roof over our heads and the military lifestyle isn't quite as bad as what people make it out to be.

This all changed the night Connor was born.
That picture sums up the moment when Anthony decided that he's not ever leaving us to go on some long deployment across the world. Of course he still thinks it would be fun to go to Afghanistan and ride around in his MRAP looking for bad guys to shoot, but he now knows its not whats best for us anymore. Coming home to us every night after work makes him happy. I kept telling him throughout my pregnancy that his feelings/emotions and life in general will totally change once the baby was here and he didn't believe me.

So this all leads to the hunt for a job. Yes we want out of the military, and yes we want to move away and be able to buy a home where we can raise Connor without having to move every 3 years...but we aren't willing to give up his guaranteed job without having a new one lined up. In this economy I think the stupidest thing we could do is leave the roof over our head and a steady paycheck with the assumption that we will be able to find him work in the following months.

Anthony has already flown back to Omaha to test for their police academy and this following weekend he will be in Lincoln NE testing for theirs. Two weeks after that he goes back to Lincoln yet again and tests for the fire department. If ya cant tell we REALLY want to move to Omaha/Lincoln. My brother is there, housing is affordable (and adorable), great school systems, and the people are great. You actually know your neighbors there. The whole atmosphere is different in the Midwest.

Competition is fierce, the Lincoln police academy has around 600 guys signed up to test and there are only 8 spots left in the academy. It wont be easy but we are hoping and praying that one of these jobs comes through.

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  1. They won't pass up a chance to hire such a stellar guy! Good luck to you, this will be yet another adventure for your sweet little family. Thanks for posting, I love reading about what you are up to.