Sunday, April 18, 2010

Denial at its best

I love my husband....Every day while pregnant (and even now not pregnant) he tells me that I'm beautiful and he actually means it.
Because of this I guess I failed to realize how RIDICULOUSLY large I was at the end of my pregnancy because I still felt beautiful.
....What on earth was I smoking?!?!

This picture was taken about 5 days before I had Connor and it blows my mind looking at it and seeing how big I really was. I suppose I had selective vision and was only seeing the adorable little baby clothes that were filling my home and chose to ignore the sight of my midsection (although how the hell I managed to ignore something that large is beyond me)!

I loved being pregnant and looking at these pictures: A) REALLY makes me miss having the belly and feeling the kicks and hick ups. B) I now totally realize that its SOOOO true and you forget about all the crappy parts of the journey as soon as its over. Of course I remember how I couldn't roll over at the end and how bad my hips hurt, but looking back it really wasn't all that bad. Plus, it was well worth it, look at the adorable little guy I got out of it.

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