Wednesday, July 15, 2009

13 weeks!

We officially have one trimester down and two to go! It feels awesome being out of the dreaded first trimester and making it this far. I have been feeling a lot better for the most part. My "morning sickness" has only acted up a few times lately, and all right when I am trying to go to bed. Its weird, but I have found that the things I was craving the most are the things that the baby does not like and it doesn't end up staying in my tummy too long. We went to the movies the other night and I made Anthony go to one that is farther from our house only because they had better buttery popcorn. Well, that was not a fun night and I don't see me eating buttery popcorn again anytime soon. 
I'm pretty sure the guy at 7-11 knows Anthony by name since he is there daily getting me a bottle of Orange Gatorade.
I am starting to get a tiny bump. Its noticeable to me and Anthony because we look at my tummy everyday, but I don't think it is to others. 
My next appointment isnt until the 24th. We should hear the heart beat and find out the results of our NT scan. I'm REALLY looking forward to my August appointment so we can find out if its a boy or girl!

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