Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NT Scan

Anthony and I went to the Perinatal Specialists this morning for our NT scan. I was pretty nervous walking into this appointment, mostly because I worry about everything. I still REALLY wish I had my own ultrasound and could look at the baby every morning and night. Would make me feel better. Anthony wont let me get one of those little gadgets that lets you listen to the heartbeat either, he thinks (and is 100% correct) that it will just cause me to freak out if I couldn't find it.
Anyways, back to the point of the post: The appointment went AWESOME! As soon as she put the little wand on my belly the LO popped up and was moving around like crazy. It was incredible to see its little arms waving and kicking his legs around. It looks like a little person now instead of a blob! You can even see the eyes and nose! The tech was awesome and was pointing out all sorts of stuff such as the valves of the heart, the kidney and so on. She tried for about 30 minutes to get the needed measurements on the neck but the baby just wouldn't hold still and lay on its back. So she had me get up and empty my bladder, then I had to roll from side to side on the TINY little table.. Still no luck. Then the poking and shaking of the belly began. Thank god that did the trick.
She took all the pictures and measurements and went to show them to the doctor. He came in and told us that everything looked great. He said that anything under 2.5mm is considered "normal" and we only measured 1.1.
The only bad thing that came of this is now Anthony thinks its A-OK to poke and shake my belly while saying "wake up baby".

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