Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9/10 Week Appointment

Well, the nurse practitioner has changed my due date back to the original date of Jan 18th. I have a feeling that the doctor will change it again next time so really, all I can guarantee is that some time starting mid January there will be a baby.
After the exam she said that she was going to look for the LO's heartbeat and warned me that at this stage it is like 50/50 chance that it will be loud enough for her to find with the little machine. So she rubs the little microphone over my belly for a minute, then two minutes, then three and then she finally gives up. I think she could tell that I was visibly freaked out by this and offered to do another ultrasound! HECK YES! Ill take all the ultrasounds I can get! (Anthony insists that no, I cannot rent an ultrasound machine for the house...bummer) So we moved to another room and she preformed the ultrasound and our LO was in there waving its arms around and going crazy. Such a relief. 
I would post a picture, but the quality of this photo is horrible and you really wouldn't be able to see anything. I will say though, that as of right now, our LO looks EXACTLY like an alien wearing rather large sunglasses. Lets hope the creepy alien stage doesn't last long.

Our doctor has also submitted the request for our NT scan which should take place in the next 2 weeks so expect lots of new ultrasound photos after that appointment!

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