Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Houston.... We have a Heartbeat!

Due to some fears of mine and a little scare we had our doctor had me come in several weeks before my scheduled appointment on the 24th.  I had an ultrasound preformed and we were able to confirm that the little on is in there (YAY!) but I am measuring about 6 days behind where I thought I was, so we werent able to see a heartbeat during that appointment. Was such a bummer to not see it!

But..... I went in for my follow up appointment this past Friday and there was a nice strong HB of 132!
Anthony and I are currently calling the baby our Blueberry due to its tiny size. The nick names will be updated as the baby grows :-)

My due date has been pushed back a week due to the babies size. My EDD is now January 24th.. Just 1 day before Anthony's birthday, 3 days before my brother Johns and 4 days before my moms! Someone is getting their birthday stolen :-)

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