Friday, August 28, 2009

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails....

Is what little BOY'S are made of!

Yep, we found out this afternoon that we are having a little boy. We are beyond excited. In the beginning I said that I wanted a boy first for the older brother so I'm very excited! Shopping wont be as fun in the beginning because little girl clothes are far more fun. That being said, as soon as he is old enough to fit into JCrew's crewcuts I will be a happy lady and Anthony will be in trouble! I can already picture our matching argyle!
I have a video clip from the ultrasound that is really neat. You can see the heart beating, and the baby has hiccups so his whole body jumps... its adorable. Problem is I cant figure out how to download it off of the disc, so I'll try and get to the apple store this weekend and have one of the guys there help me out. Here are a few pictures from today though: (profile shot, shot showing his "manhood", and his adorable leg and foot)

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  1. Remember John Lamar Jr. needs to be born on the 28th of January so as of the 10th of january BED REST!