Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time has officially stopped.......

Our big ultrasound is this Friday at 8:45 and we couldn't be more excited... or impatient.

This is the slowest week ever and is just dragging on! I definitely see a trip to Nordstroms and BabyGap happening on Friday afternoon. I have to buy at least one or 2 fun things! My mom says that she is not buying the baby anything else (she was AWESOME and bought us a great early baby shower gift which I will post pictures of later), but I know my mom and I think even she laughs in her head when she says that. I'm also 99.9% sure that she already has boy and girl fabric picked out for the first quilt and is just waiting for the call to see which fabric to order :-)

I had my normal pre-natal appointment this past Friday and everything went well and as expected. I gained 2 pounds last month, which brings my total so far up to about 5 pounds. I'm trying REALLY hard not to gain too much, but I'm sure the yummy Dairy Queen I had last night isn't going to help me accomplish that (side note: chocolate dipped vanilla cone= heaven on earth).

I was a little bummed that they didn't have the blood results back from my 1st and 2nd trimester blood tests that check for Downs, Spina Bifida, and a few more conditions. She said the results would be in any day and because of my age and family history I really have no reason to worry. But worrying is what a first time mom does, so I called today to see if my results came in. I really wanted them before the big ultrasound to ease my mind. The nurse didn't give me the exact numbers (normally like 1/10,000) but said that all the tests came back great. So that eases my mind for now, Ill get the numbers at my appointment next month.


  1. Change the color of the back ground back, Some of are blind and can not see that well when some crazy hippy color is blasting in our face.

  2. Then put your tri-focols back on!