Sunday, October 25, 2009

28 Weeks!

I know I know, I forgot to make a post for 27 weeks. I sorta had a busy week, and I just plain forgot.

On Thursday Kendra and I went to a taping of The Ellen show! It was so much fun...but INCREDIBLY tiring. We had to check in like 3 hours before showtime and you just sit in the parking garage that whole time, then you stand/sit in the lobby of the studio for like another 45 min, then you literally dance 25 minutes of the 1 hour taping. Add that on top of the 2 hour drive there and the 4 hour drive back (gotta love LA) my body was tired!
Then last night Anthony and I went to the Rodney Atkins, Lady Antebellum and Lost Trailers concert. It was a BLAST! Parking 1/2 mile away uphill was no fun afterwards, but I felt a better after a nice warm bath.

I'm excited for my baby shower in just a few short weeks. The invites have been mailed and I'm pretty sure that I have registered for everything that is needed at Babies R Us. I didn't register for any clothes because I figured people kinda just buy whatever clothes they want. All the necessities are on there though!

I completely forgot to update and say that I PASSED MY 3 HOUR GLUCOSE TEST! The day of the test pretty much sucked. Spending 3 1/2 hours in the lab with no WIFI or anything was pretty boring. I got home and ate and instantly felt like death. I laid in bed and passed out for about 4 hours and felt like a brand new person when I woke up. I was worried that feeling so bad afterwards was a bad sign that I was going to fail, but the nurse called and told me that my numbers were great! I'm also not anemic! YAY for still being able to eat yummy yummy sweets!

Anthony and I are finally 100% set on a baby name. As of now we aren't telling, but we are planning on it probably some time later this week or next week. It does start with a "C" though! The middle name is still up in the air as we cant agree.

According to my baby books and what I have read online the baby should be starting to flip now and have his head down. Baby C has not though, his kicks are still quite low. Today was fun though, it was kinda like he was playing a game with us. He would kick, then we would poke where he was kicking and he would kick at our fingers. It entertained us and kinda made our day.

I will be posting updated belly pics tomorrow, I couldn't motivate myself to do my hair today :-)

Oh, and how crazy is it to think that this baby will be full term in 64 days and my due date is only 85 days away!

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