Wednesday, November 18, 2009

31 Weeks and a baby shower!

31 weeks already! I'm feeling it too!! Sleep is nearly impossible as my hips feel as though I have been hit by a car and it feels as if my pelvic bone is broken every time I roll over (and step into the bathtub or car...putting pants on is PAINFUL). Sounds fun huh?!? Its all worth it though :-)
I don't feel nearly as many kicks as I used to, now I feel tumbles and stretching. Its weird watching my belly "roll" and look all lopsided since he much prefers the right side.
I had my regular appointment yesterday and I am happy to say that I actually lost .3 pounds in the past 2 weeks! I was quite worried about it from my trip to Vegas this past weekend and eating yummy Cafe Rio and Buffalo Wild Wings. I guess my mom and me did enough shopping and walking around to burn it off though! I have been continually measuring ahead for the past 3 appointments. It started out at 2 weeks ahead but yesterday I was measuring right around 3 weeks ahead. Dr. Binno isn't too worried about it yet but is having me go in for a growth ultrasound at my next appointment in 2 weeks. I'm hoping that Connor isnt going to measure big and maybe he is just stretching and taking advantage of the room in there! I sure am looking forward to seeing him in there and how big he has gotten! We haven't seen him since the big ultrasound so its long overdue!

Kendra and I drove down to Las Vegas this past weekend for my baby shower. It turned out GREAT! Gerri did an awesome job of planning it and I am so very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Anthony, Connor and I received the majority of the items that we needed. I was shocked at how generous everyone was and truly appreciate it! Connor is a lucky boy and has lots of women in his life that quilt so we were given several homemade quilts to add to the few that his grandma had already made for him! There is only one "big" item that Anthony and I have left to buy, then just some small items like binkies, wipes & diapers and some plain white onesies and burp clothes. We will slowly take care of all these items in the next month and a half. Below I posted a few pictures from the shower as well as a picture of the stroller that my mom bought us a few months ago as an early shower gift.
We are moving into our townhouse on the 30th and I cant wait! It couldn't come sooner too since I have had a run-in or two with our stairs lately due to my shifting balance! I cant wait to move in and FINALLY start the nursery! Packing is no fun though....

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